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Placing an OrderUpdated a year ago

Founded By Experts

We would love to help you get the right parts for your vehicle.

The UTV Source Team is founded on deep industry experience, partners that own UTVs, various other off-road toys, and the love to ride.

How To Place An Order

We won't go into too much detail because it just couldn't be any simpler.

Step 1: Find the product you are interested in at and "Add to Cart".

Step 2: Click "checkout" to use our "single page checkout" system and painlessly have the parts shipped directly to your doorstep.

Fitment Questions

From time to time product listings can appear unclear about the exact fitment details. Don't ever hesitate to reach out or think you are pestering us with questions. :) This is what we do, we'd love to help find you the right answer. Product pages will oftentimes cover product fitment as well as the Product's name. Check the title and the description of the product for specifics if you want the fastest answer. Should you not find what you are looking for submit a ticket HERE and a UTVS team member will get you the answers you are after.

Install Instructions & Guides

Another area of common support is by providing install guidance or knowledge. 9 times out of 10 one of our team members has installed the very part you are thinking about, so just shoot us a chat or a Product Inquiry on our Contact Us Page and we'll respond right away with more details or tips & tricks.

There are times where product detail level pages will actually have supplement information connected. Be sure and check there as well if you are looking for an instruction kit.

Note: We also have an active YouTube channel that you should check out, we post guides, tips, and other entertaining content there.

Lean On Our Knowledge

If you need help finding the right part for your UTV, placing an order on, or assembling a full #UTVSourced build package, we can help.

Simply reach out to an expert from the UTV Source sales team HERE.


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