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LED Side Mirrors: See and Be SeenUpdated 5 months ago

LED Side Mirrors For Every Adventure

It's crucial to see what's in front of you just as much as what's behind you on those twilight rides. LED side mirrors are a great accessory that solve both problems making them a great item that saves you a bit of that build budget by combining a forward facing light with a side mirror to see who’s coming up behind you. Whether you're navigating the rugged trails of Hatfield-McCoy or zipping through the dunes at Glamis, LED side mirrors keep the ride going and add a safety factor that you just can’t beat with most accessories. Join Rick as he takes a look at a few of our best-performing LED side mirrors and breaks them down into three different categories: Standard, Premium, and Deluxe. From sleek designs that complement your ride's aesthetics to rugged, durable options that withstand the harshest conditions, we've got something for every off-roader. With a variety of options to suit each rider, let's dive into the diverse selection we have lined up.

Here’s how Rick broke them down:

Standard LED Side Mirror

In our Standard category, both the All Terrain Concepts Side-Winder Series Mirror w/ Light and the ModQuad Racing RGB LED Side Mirrors offer compelling features for the discerning off-roader. 

All Terrain Concepts Side-Winder Series 

The Side-Winder series impresses with its high 7,200 lumens total output, ensuring clear visibility in various conditions. It's not just about lighting; this mirror also offers a Lifetime Warranty, multiple mounting options, and its own harness, making it a standout choice that could easily fit into a Premium category.

ModQuad LED Side Mirrors 

ModQuad's side mirrors add a touch of customization with their color-changing RGB LED and practical breakaway design. While they may not have the high lumens output of more advanced models, they excel in customizable aesthetics and are available in various cage mounting sizes. Ideal for riders who value style and affordability, these mirrors strike a balance between functionality and visual appeal, especially for those who don't often ride at high speeds in low-light conditions.

Premium LED Side Mirrors

Take your ride to the next level with a fusion of technology and style. These options are not just about functionality; they're about adding a distinct flair to your ride. Ideal for those who aim to differentiate and lead the pack, let's take a closer look at what sets these mirrors apart in the following section.

Assault Industries Baja Designs Nighthawk Led Side Mirrors: 

These mirrors are a powerhouse collaboration between Assault Industries and Baja Designs. They're not just about lighting the way with over 6,000 lumens of high-quality LED light; they're about doing it with style and efficiency. The Nighthawk mirrors are engineered for perfect light aiming, no matter the angle, thanks to the patented Baja Designs Wide Cornering lenses. They're built tough for any condition, with forward-facing cooling fins ensuring consistent performance. The best part? They're a breeze to install, with no trimming or drilling needed, making them a top pick for riders who want to push their limits safely and with confidence.

Chupacabra Offroad Cuero Race UTV Side Mirror Set: 

These mirrors are all about versatility and resilience. You can mount almost any brand of pod light and adjust it independently of the mirror – a feature that's as practical as it is cool. The rubber-isolated frame mounts are designed to reduce vibration, making your off-road jaunts smoother. The mirrors boast a full billet aluminum construction, ensuring they're not just durable but also completely rebuildable. The wide convex glass increases your field of vision, and the integrated light mount adds to their functionality. These mirrors are designed to fit seamlessly with most roll cages, clearing windshields and window nets with ease. 

Rigid Industries Reflect Pair: 

Being the first LED mirror to drop in this industry, this pair is a true jack-of-all-trades. Combining LED lighting with a fully adjustable side mirror, they're perfect for a range of off-road applications. The Reflect uses RIGID's patented LED technology and new Side-Shooter optics for a broad beam of light, enhancing your cornering capabilities. The added amber LEDs on the outer edge serve as turn signals, flashers, or auxiliary running lights, adding to their versatility. The lights and mirror can be aimed independently, and the package includes tube mounting clamps for hassle-free installation.

Sector Seven Sawtooth Side Mirrors | 1/2" Spud: 

These mirrors are designed to revolutionize your viewing experience. Lighting up a 210-degree field of vision in front and equipped with convex mirrors for the rear, they ensure you have a comprehensive view of your surroundings. The amber LED side marker lights are a stylish touch, integrated into a CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum frame that's not just strong but also customizable with a removable bezel. The adjustable breakaway action and ball joint adjustable mirror add to the functionality, making adjustments easy and vibration-free. Plus, the 180-degree rotation feature assists in rear illumination, making these mirrors a versatile choice for navigating any terrain.

Deluxe LED Side Mirrors

For the riders who seek nothing but the best, our deluxe LED mirrors represent the pinnacle of mirror technology. Tailored for those who venture into the night and push boundaries, these mirrors are designed to complement your UTV with unparalleled clarity and stunning LED illumination. As we dive into the details, you'll see why these mirrors are the ultimate choice for riders who demand top-tier performance and style.

XTC SIX12 UTV Side Mirrors w/ Turn Signal Flasher & Rigid Front Light:

XTC Power Products steps into the game with their first LED side mirror, the SIX12 Billet Side Mirrors. These aren't just any mirrors; they pack a punch with almost 6,000 lumens of lighting power. The Rigid Radiance Series Amber backlight is a standout, working seamlessly with any XTC Power Products Turn Signal System. These mirrors are all about versatility and visibility, featuring a backlit option for parked visibility without draining your battery. It's XTC's first foray into LED mirrors, but they've nailed it with a complete harness and compatibility with various turn signal kits. The convex glass design ensures a broad view behind, while the powerful LEDs light up your night rides. Plus, the integration as a blinker adds to its practicality.

Sector Seven PRIZM LED Lighted Mirrors: 

These mirrors are not just about seeing, but being seen day or night. With 22 high-output 10W LEDs delivering over 24,000 raw lumens, these mirrors outshine the competition. The PRIZM's custom impact-resistant lighting optics extend visibility up to 2X farther than previous models. The 200-degree viewing span is perfect for illuminating curves and navigating dunes. The mirrors feature a 120-watt LED output with a Turbo mode boosting it to 200 watts. The independent adjustability of the LED lighting and mirrors allows for optimal visibility. If you're serious about driving at speed into the night, these mirrors have the output you need. The output is so great that the PRIZM mirrors can compete with many light bars on the market making these a perfect alternative, especially if you don't have the height in your trailer to accommodate the added room a light bar equipped UTV requires. The multi-color accent lighting, sequential turn signals, and SOS Mode add layers of functionality and style. The 6061 Billet Aluminum construction with internal heat sinks ensures durability and efficient heat dissipation. Installation is straightforward with the Infinity Mount, and the 5-Year Warranty underscores Sector Seven's commitment to quality.

Sector Seven Spectrum LED Light Mirrors: 

The Sector Seven Spectrum LED light mirrors are designed to revolutionize your visibility on the trails. These mirrors light up a 210-degree field in front and feature convex mirrors for an expansive rear view. Machined from 6061 billet aluminum, they offer superior strength and the option to color-coat the removable bezel. The adjustable breakaway action and ball joint adjustable mirror provide flexibility and stability, reducing the chance of vibration. The 180-degree rotation feature is a bonus for rear illumination. These mirrors are not just about lighting the path; they're about navigating with ease and confidence, making tight terrain traversing a breeze.

Rick’s Pick

I'm all about top-notch gear, and the Sector Seven PRIZM LED Lighted Mirrors are exactly that. Sure, they're on the pricier side, but you're getting the best quality out there. These mirrors aren't just good-looking; they're incredibly bright, making a light bar almost unnecessary. Think of it as a smart investment – you're getting a powerful forward-facing light and a mirror in one, simplifying installation and saving on extra lighting gear. Plus, with their impressive functionality, these mirrors are a solid choice for anyone serious about their UTV setup.

Gear Up with the Best

As we wrap up our deep dive into the world of LED side mirrors, it's clear that whether you choose Standard, Premium, or Deluxe, we at UTV Source have got you covered. These mirrors are more than just accessories; they're essential upgrades to enhance your off-road experience. Remember, Life's a ride. Make it your own.

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