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Revolutionizing the Trails: Introducing the 2024 Can-Am Maverick R

Have you had a chance to check out the 2024 Can-Am Maverick R? The off-road scene is about to be revolutionized with the all-new 2024 Can-Am Maverick R. Unveiled with an industry-leading 240-horsepower engine, Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), and unma

Understanding Wheel Specifications: Bolt Patterns | Backspacing | Width | Diameter | Offsets

Download full wheel/tire spec guide, complete with bolt pattern templates.(Be sure your printer settings are set to 100% scale for accurate bolt pattern templates). Wheels are a personal purchase for your UTV, be it the performance or the appearance

The Ultimate Guide to SuperATV's Nerf Bars, Rock Sliders, and Tree Kickers

Nerf bars, rock sliders, tree kickers—what's the difference, and why should you care? These aren't just fancy names; they're essential accessories that protect your machine from the rugged world of offroading. Whether you're sliding over rocks or hug

What Offroad Light Should I Buy? | Amber vs White Offroad Lights

Which color is better amber or white when it comes to the headlights? This question has been raised for years by drivers. Although some drivers believe that amber lights are the only way to see it in bad weather, others suggest that white lights are

Polaris RZR 200 - Why are my front and rear wheel bolt patterns different?

Notice something a little different between the front and rear wheels of your Polaris RZR 200? Well you're not crazy. These little off-road demons do in fact have a different wheel bolt pattern between the front wheels and the rear wheels. We're not

Navigating the Terrain with DRT Motorsports: A Deep Dive into Their Premier UTV Product Line

In the realm of offroading, the name DRT Motorsports stands as a beacon of quality, innovation, and performance. For enthusiasts who live for the thrill of conquering challenging terrains, the right UTV parts and accessories aren't just add-ons; they

​Embark on Your Journey with Assurance: Rugged Radios GMRS Radios, Your Ultimate Off-Road Companion

For the off-road adventurer, staying connected is not just a convenience, it's a necessity. Enter GMRS radios, or General Mobile Radio Service radios. A staple in the Jeep community, these robust communication devices have established themselves as s

2024 Maverick R Bolt-On Lighting Kits from Baja Designs

Baja Designs, the leader in off-road auxiliary lighting, announces the availability of the direct bolt-on lighting kits for the 2024 Can-Am Maverick R. The Baja Designs vehicle-specific lighting kits have been engineered in San Marcos, Ca, to bring t

LED Side Mirrors: See and Be Seen

It's crucial to see what's in front of you just as much as what's behind you on those twilight rides. LED side mirrors are a great accessory that solve both problems making them a great item that saves you a bit of that build budget by combining a fo

UTV Owner's Guide: Top Maintenance Tips

Your UTV, be it a utility task vehicle, side-by-side, or simply a utility vehicle, is not just a machine—it's a partner in work and play. Whether it's about navigating a rugged job site or indulging in off-road adventures, a well-maintained UTV can m

Can-Am Maverick X3: Ultimate Guide to Enhancements and Solutions

Welcome to the definitive guide for Can-Am Maverick X3 enthusiasts. This robust vehicle is a favorite among off-road adventurers, offering unparalleled excitement across diverse terrains. However, like any sophisticated machine, the Maverick X3 has i

XTC Power Products Turn Signal & Power Control Switch Systems for Canam X3, Yamaha RMAX, Polaris RZR & More

UTV enthusiasts, it's time to elevate your ride's functionality with XTC Power Products' latest turn signal and power control systems. Designed for popular models like the Canam X3, Yamaha RMAX, Polaris, Kawasaki and more! These systems promise to no

Maximize Comfort with Inferno Cab Heaters for UTVs: Essential for Cold Weather Riding

When it comes to enjoying your UTV adventures, comfort is key, especially in colder climates. That's where Inferno Cab Heaters come into play, offering a warm solution for those chilly trail rides. Let's dive into why adding a cab heater might just b

Revolutionizing Off-Roading: Discover the Unmatched Strength and Brilliance of 5150 Whips

As avid off-roaders, we always seek the best equipment for our adventures. That's why the story of 5150 Whips caught our attention. Initially, they were enthusiasts like us, facing the same challenges with subpar whips. This led them to create their

Strap Into Your Seat With The Ultimate Safety In Mind, Don't Go Riding With Out Having A Quality Set of Harnesses In Your UTV

Hey there, UTV enthusiasts! Ever felt like your stock seat belts aren’t quite up to snuff when you're ripping through trails or making your own path through the dunes? If so, you're going to want to hear about the value of aftermarket safety harnesse

Be Prepared With The Right Wheel And Tire For Your UTV When Heading Out To The Sand

Sand season is just around the corner, do you plan on heading to the dunes? You bet we are! We get asked a lot whether or not beadlock UTV wheels are a required upgrade or just a novelty for the folks with more money than common sense. If you have a

KC FLEX ERA LED Light Bar: The Ultimate UTV Lighting Solution

If you are looking for a powerful, versatile, and durable LED light bar for your UTV, you might want to check out the all new KC FLEX ERA LED Light Bar. This innovative product from KC HiLiTES is designed to set a new standard for off-road lighting,

sPOD Has A New Mini 6 Switch Solution For Polaris RZR Owners To Control Your Accessories From Your Steering Wheel

sPOD™, the leader in dedicated power distribution switch systems, announces the availability of direct integration for the Polaris RZR Pro XP, Turbo R, and Pro R models with the all-new sPOD™ SourceLT Mini 6 Steering Wheel Kit. Designed to enhance yo

Maximize Your Ride: Polaris RZR Pro R Auxiliary Fuel Tank, The Ride Just Keeps On Going

Hey Polaris RZR offroad enthusiasts!. We all know the Polaris RZR Pro R is a beast on the trails, boasting a powerful 4-cylinder motor that gives it an edge in performance and speed. But with great power comes great fuel consumption, and that’s where

The Ultimate Guide: Mounting a Tire on a Beadlock Wheel for UTVs

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to mount beadlock wheels. This video presents our method. If you're not confident, it's best to seek professional assistance at a tire shop to ensure your safety. When it comes to maintaining and