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UTV Owner's Guide: Top Maintenance TipsUpdated 5 months ago

Your UTV, be it a utility task vehicle, side-by-side, or simply a utility vehicle, is not just a machine—it's a partner in work and play. Whether it's about navigating a rugged job site or indulging in off-road adventures, a well-maintained UTV can make a world of difference. To ensure your UTV doesn’t let you down, proactive maintenance is key. Every UTV is unique and demands specific care as outlined in the manufacturer’s manual, however, there are some general maintenance tasks crucial for all UTV owners.

Here's a guide to keep your UTV in peak condition:

Oil and Filter Changes

Regularly check and change your UTV's oil and oil filter. It's important to do this before you start using your UTV each time. Be careful not to overfill the oil, as UTVs need less oil than cars, and too much oil can overheat the engine.

Coolant Level Checks

Keep an eye on the engine coolant. While it doesn't need checking as often as oil, don't let it go unchecked for too long. Regular checks and maintenance of the coolant system, like looking for leaks and ensuring the reservoir and lines are in good shape, are essential to keep the engine cool and extend its life.

Air Filter Maintenance

A clean air filter is key to a well-running UTV. Check and clean the air filter regularly, especially after driving in dusty areas. Know if your air filter is reusable or needs to be replaced, and act accordingly. For top-quality replacement options, find the perfect filter for your UTV here

Lubricating Fittings

Your UTV has several moving parts that need regular lubrication to keep it running smoothly. Use a grease gun to apply grease to these fittings. Make sure to use the type of grease recommended by your UTV manufacturer.

Spark Plug Maintenance

Change the spark plugs as per your manufacturer's guidelines, especially if you use your UTV a lot. Look for signs of wear or corrosion, which could indicate engine problems.

Tire Inspection

Good tires are important for a smooth ride. Regularly check the tire pressure and adjust it to the right level. Also, inspect your tires for any damage or significant wear and replace them when necessary.

Fuel Checks

Before using your UTV, check you have enough fuel. If your UTV has been sitting idle, the fuel might have gone bad. Using high-quality fuel can improve your UTV's performance.

Battery Care

A dead battery is common if your UTV isn’t used for a while, like during winter. Use a battery maintainer to keep it charged. Regularly check for corrosion and ensure the electrolyte levels are correct in unsealed batteries.

Brake Checks

Regularly inspect your brakes for safety. Look at the brake pads, fluid, and lines for any signs of wear or damage. If something seems off, get a professional to check it.

Belt Inspection and Replacement:

Watch the condition of your UTV's drive belt, specially for wear and tear. Replacing the belt before it breaks can prevent unexpected problems.

Additional Care Tips:

Cleaning Your UTV

Regular cleaning is important. Use mild soap and water, and be sure to dry your UTV thoroughly to prevent rust and dirt buildup.

Storing Your UTV

When not in use, store your UTV under a cover in a dry place. If you're storing it with fuel in the tank, use a fuel stabilizer. A battery maintainer is also a good idea to keep the battery from dying.

By following these essential maintenance tips, your UTV will always be ready for action, whether for work or play. Check out these options below and more to get all you need to keep your UTV running smoothly: 

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